2017 Magazine

The Rat Pack

We are Flavour's new promotional team looking to legitamize the counter-cultures we promote through postitive events and dope styles. With the help of our sponsors such as Converse, LRG and Cheap Monday our members will develop their skills in both skateboarding and bombing while staying fresh to death and ego free. We promote events for Flavour and act as representatives for both the shop and the talents we work so hard to perfect.
Mad Respect all working towards one goal.
DJ WHO - Wheels of steel

Justin Babin - Graffiti Artist

Mitch Northey - Skater
Quinn White - Graffiti Artist
Matt Elder - Graffiti Artist
Tyler - Skater
Ian Hart - Graffiti Artist
Shane Flood - Graffiti Artist
BR - Photographer
Big Ups to Converse / LRG & Cheap Monday!