2017 Magazine

Egg & Anchovie for Volcom!

Volcom artist Dashenka teamed up with her close friend Vanessa and created Egg & Anchovie… a collection of photos, videos and art surrounding Egg (aka Dashenka) in a mysterious 'pink suit' added with Anchovie (aka Vanessa) to produce an amalgamation of creativity.
"With eating Egg and Anchovies your senses will get awakened and spoiled," says Dashenka. "That is exactly what this project is about.

Appreciating creativity, life and our daily experiences to the fullest while not restricting the flow of correspondence." As Dagi puts it, "Appreciating all the dings in life!"
Keep your eyes open for Volcom’s Featured Art pieces tied to the Egg & Anchovie project coming in the Girl’s Spring 2009 collection, available 12/1/2008.

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