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Volcom's Leticia Bufoni wins the Girls Street at the 2010 Maloof Money Cup!

This marks the 2nd year in a row that Leticia Bufoni has taken home the $25,000 win and the famous Maloof Money Cup.
Leticia narrowly outscored last week's X Games gold medal winner, Alexis Sablone to take the win. The 17-year-old Brazilian won by nailing a few key tricks in her final heat on the biggest obstacles on the course. She won the judges and the crowd over with a perfect backside Smith grind down the 9-stair rail and a kickflip down the triple set.

"I feel very happy winning the Maloof two years in a row. I've been skating a lot lately and I think that the European circuit of contests helped me to be prepared for contest season here in the US. Now its time for tours, photos and filming on the streets!" said Leticia.
Volcomgratulations Leticia!