2017 Magazine

Cuba Gooding

The thing is, I leave for Cuba in t-minus 31 hours, and I'm WAY to excited to sleep! So in a vain attempt sear my brain into delta waves, I'm spending hours trolling "the 'net" for fashionable updates.

So here it comes, straight from my sand n'sun obsessed surfing:

My favorites from Emillio Pucci F/W 11, the man when it comes to anything beach-inspired (Most, if not all of his inspiration came from his home on the Isle of Capri). Not that there's anything summery about these dark and darling dresses, but you know what I mean....

Hmm. You look fairly awesome. Ladies, meet Jennifer Herrema. She's an artist, musician (check out Royal Trux here), writer, and collaborator with your pal, Volcom. And no, I don't just like her for her falconry...Ok, I may be a little jelz.

Here's the paisley maxi dress I plan on rocking my entire vacation, nay ALL SUMMER, until it disintegrates from my body.

Flavour will have her brain-busting collection this spring, but if you're half the junkie I am, get a little taste of the good stuff here

See you in 8 days, suckers!