2017 Magazine

Peterborough Needs PCVS!

By now word has gotten around about the possible closure of one of Peterboroughs high schools. Unfortunately, PCVS and TAS are on the chopping block and time is running out to save our schools.

PCVS is so close to the heart of downtown (geographically and figuratively). Downtown stores, cafes and restaurants depend on the students to stay alive. But more importantly, downtown benefits from the amazing energy that PCVS students inject into our community. They help to create a fresh, constantly changing environment in which art, music, sports, fashion and theatre thrive.

And you can help.

Go to Facebook and LIKE.

Attend the council meetings on April 7th at 6:30 pm at Adam Scott, and May 12th at PCVS.

Look here for more information.

Or you can join the Flavour X PCVS Street Team and poster-bomb the streets! We will be spreading awareness through our poster campaign until our voices are heard. Email us at jess@flavourfashion.ca to help.