2017 Magazine

It's Raining Menswear

This post all began on a tipsy Saturday night, perusing the Globe style section. The following Prada shoes might be most god-awful things I've ever seen, but they have inspired me to show off some of my favorite guycentric pairings lately (please excuse the crappy IPhone images).

My outfit today is for PCVS Friends and Family Night at Flavour, sponsored by Hurley to promote the school's competing team in their annual Walk the Walk contest. Come by Flavour from 4 - 6(ish) today for the new Hurley collection, 20% of all sales tonight will be donated to PCVS!

A proper varsity jacket is hard to come by - we have this in three colours and a different collar

My sister hates me for it, but denim on denim is my go-to right now! And you just can't beat a slick pair of retro-styled sneakers....

FreshJive mens denim shorts - need these.

Hurley oversized army shirt, Hurley cutoff oversized shorts (I modded these guys out a little as well - hacked off a pocked and sanded down the front), Grizzly work socks, thrifted boots.