2017 Magazine

Stay Classy

Are all of your boys wearing black suits to formal this year? Avoid looking like "March of the Penguins" and try a more unique look by mixing clean khakis, low tops and fedoras.

The rules of formal wear have seriously relaxed in the last few years, so you can feel comfortable customizing your prom night outfit and staying true to your personal style. This could be as simple as cuffing your khakis and wearing a pair of premium sneakers instead of glossy dress shoes. Go dapper with a hat, or work a yacht club look and wear a light button-up shirt with a v-neck sweater (if you want to really get into character, tie it around your shoulders and shake everyones hand really enthusiasically whilst smoking a pipe). Because every girls' crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

10Deep pants, WeSC long-sleeve shirt, Matix flatbrim, Nixon 51-30, Adidas X Ransom shoes, Thrasher sunglasses

Obey cuffed khakis, Obey long sleeve shirt, Brixton straw fedora, Adidas X Ransom shoes, Nixon Gold Player

Levi's Ex-Girlfriend jean, WeSC long sleeve shirt, Adidas X Ransom shoes, Nixon Gold Banks, Nixon gold money-clip, WeSC X Super sunglasses, Brixton straw fedora

Obey jeans, A-Life shoes, Nixon Chronicle, Brixton captains hat

Altamont Neckface khakis, WeSC flatbrim, Adidas X Ransom high tops

Nike Toki & Toki Premium

Vans Rata Vulc, LPE, Authentic, Pritchard.