2017 Magazine

Go Skateboarding Day | Recap!

BIG thanks to everyone who came out for Go Skateboarding day, Tuesday at the Peterborough skate park. Thanks to Elliot Powell at West 49 for being super rad, organizing the games throughout the day, handing out prizes, and hanging with me in the blazing sun - it was an amazing day with wicked weather. If you missed this....You messed up big time!

We had our boy DJ Who spinning records, Art Space had graffiti artists from Toronto on the scene painting murals, and of course so much rad skateboarding. There is so much talent in this town it's insane! Highest Ollie was a draw at 8 decks stacked that sent Chris Bishop and Dave Rider home with a prize pack from Ultimate skateboard distribution.

Again thank you everyone for coming out and supporting "go skateboarding" day. Don't forget we will be holding a skate contest with the dudes from Vans and Levis, August 13th on Hunter St. right beside Flavour. So if you missed Go Skateboarding Day this is your chance to make up for it. Hope to see you all there!