2017 Magazine

Your $ummer $treet $tyle

Hey dudes and dudettes! Happy Canada Day Monday and sheeit.

I already know (because you're here, aren't you?) that you love:

1) Flavour

2) Clothes

3) Contests

So let's combine the Holy Trinity and celebrate all that you love. All you need to do is email us a photo (from your smart phone, digital camera, or even Facebook!) of you reppin your Flavour street style! Because you guys got the look, and we want to see how you work it.

Maybe you're wearing your favorite Flavour brand head to toe, or mixing it up with some vintage finds and second hand scores. Maybe you stole your siblings kicks, or best friends ball hat. No matter how you do it, it's gotta look good.

Every Friday our favorite look will be posted on our blog, and the winner will receive a gift card worth 25 bones! So submit every week and you could really stash some cash :)

Email flavourfashion2@yahoo.ca with a quick description of your Flavour-inspired look to enter, and don't forget to enter every week!

B.R. is wearing a WeSC tee and Hummel shoes!

I'm wearing Volcom boyfriend jeans and slippers...don't judge me.