2017 Magazine

Downtown Throwdown is TOMORROW!!

Yep yep!!

The details:

Flavour x Vans x Levi's presents The Downtown Throwdown Skate Comp & Waffle Breakfast going down tomorrow!! 11am sharp we're serving up delicious waffles free of charge for the masses. Hungry before the comp?? we got you. Sign ups are going on at Flavour conveniently at the same time for the Throwdown that's going to kick off just after 12noon. The park will be set up around the corner on Hunter St. Registration is FREE FREE FREE of charge & we've got a bunch of prizes to give out from Flavour, Vans & Levi's - Including CASH!! (everyone likes that)
We, as many know like to shoot from the hip when it comes to these things...so all mini comps ie: skate, manual comp etc will be announced the day of & everyone will get their chance lay it on the line.

Helmets??? WHAT?!?!

This year the city is enforcing a helmet law for all skaters. We understand that most of you guys don't usually wear helmets - but here is the thing...they actually DO work saving you from brain damage. The other thing is neither us or you have a choice to not wear one if you choose to compete. Sorry our hands are tied. We love you & appreciate your understanding of the matter. At the end of the day though, we really should be promoting safety for the sport because we want our city to take it seriously & we want everyone - our friends & family to not get hurt. Sure scars are cool & chicks dig them...but becoming a vegetable because you were too proud or too cool to not protect yourself is kind of dumb. Thanks again for understanding! <3