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Flavour Artist Series Tees Featuring Lyall Brownlee

Available now in 5 colorways, individually numbered and in super limited quantity - click here to see more of his work.

Wednesday, November 30th and we caught up with Lyall Brownlee, the foreman of the Beast Factory himself to find out more about his collaboration with Flavour.

Hey Lyall, you are a big supporter of the arts scene in Peterborough, so what's it looking like?

Peterborough has a lot of potential, there are a lot of great artists here and a lot of people working really hard to make great things happen. If we could just work on building a stronger network between artists and art fans to support camaraderie and collaboration and cobble together some alternative spaces to throw more local art happenings, we could have something that is seriously envied by other cities our size.

Your design is amazing for the Flavour collab, where do you find your inspiration for your creations?

Some of the most bizarre, seemingly out of this world looking creatures already exist right here on earth. I look at animals (humans included) and it blows my mind pondering the billions of incredible little things that have happened for them to have evolved to master their environment and appear the way they do, and how they may appear if they had evolved in some parallel universe. Science. The world is amazing, go look at it!

If the Flavour crowd wants to see more from Lyall Brownlee, how can they do that?

I will have 5 new prints up in the Electric City Art Lodge's Print Show and Sale opening at Artspace here in Peterborough on December 9. I'll have a few new paintings in Sleeping Giant Gallery's 'By the pound' show in Toronto in January. And, you can always keep up with me on my blog; http://lyallbrownlee.blogspot.com or on Twitter @Lyall_RB

finally if you could have any 2 beasts battle it out who would they be? (for example Alien vs Predator, Godzilla vs King Kong, Rob Ford vs Dalton Mcguinty?)

I'm not one to use the word 'epic' lightly but I'd have to say that Gene Simmons battling a centaur in the octagon would be just that, and something that I would most definitely drop a few dollars on pay per view for. The centaur wielding a battle axe and Gene armed with nothing but a BC Rich warlock guitar, pyrotechnics and the power of rock.

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