2017 Magazine

Stuff It!!

Obey Anchor Heart ring, Lola's Room oversized stone ring, flower cluster rings, rhinestone-studded double knuckle duster.

Obey Horizon cuffs in gold and silver

Every girl could use a little extra luck :) Obey rabbits foot necklace, Lola's charm bracelet, Obey OG skeleton key necklace

Obey leather wallet with removable change purse - adorbs!

Now for the fellas...

Krew Kills (so do ciggies)

Mastering contradiction - sunny shades and a cuddly sweater

LRG speakers are perfect to pack for the hills, the beach or to drive fellow Christmas Greyhounders crazy - check out the perfect gift for your LRG lover, an engraved box set full of goodies (bonus - you can use the box to store....things!)