2017 Magazine

Vote Today!

The day of reckoning is upon is, finished hat designs are on display and voting has officially gone LIVE

Flavour's "Building A New Era" hat design contest was created and sponsored with our good pals at New Era to bridge the gap between Peterborough high schools, create a solid sense of community among students and prove that no matter where you hang your hat - ART MATTERS!

Voting runs until Friday May 11th, followed by an awards presentation Saturday May 12th, where New Era will announce the winning school!

The design with the most votes will be made by New Era and sold at Flavour, with $10 from every hat sold going directly to the winning schools art program.

You can vote right here (leave a comment with the school's name and the word "VOTE!"), on the Flavour Facebook fan page here or in the New Era Pop-up Shop at Flavour Fashion!

Owen Macklin from P.C.V.S.’s Integrated Arts program went for a minimalist design with a huge pop of color.

Inspired by sketches from his notebook, he set out to create the sort of hat he himself (as a confessed ‘hat lover’) would rock on a daily basis!

Owen plans on continuing his education in the arts after high school with a post-secondary education 


Julie Campbell’s inspiration was to create a sense of unity, drawing ideas from artist Keith Haring’s linked arms silhouettes and even using the colors of every Peterborough high school to visually connect every student in the city!

While her design appears minimalist, it is clear from her color story and detailed approach that she is truly “Building A New Era”


John & A.J. literally took inspiration from their roots to create their cap. Both are Millbrook boys and wanted to show that you can take the boy out of the forest but not the forest out of the boy!

A.J. is a graffiti artist and they used his original ‘yeti’ stencil to incorporate the woodsy element in their hat, then they brought it all together with a Flavour “F” on the front tag.

They wanted their hat to stand out from the rest, but appeal to everyone, and show that “Crestwood has an awesome art department, we’re not just jocks”.

Mission accomplished!

Becsy Lapp is a grade 9 student with a passion for urban art – her main inspiration came from the different styles of graffiti seen around our city.

She used a clean styling and cityscape sketches paying homage to the Flavour building’s heritage – owned by David & Liz Bierk until 2009, the second floor was internationally renowned “virtuoso post-modernist” artist David Bierk’s studio and gallery, the first floor his workshop.