2017 Magazine

#FLVRGIRL - Have You Met The New Flavour Girl?

Every fall without fail is the season when I find myself really craving a new aesthetic - from my home to my wardrobe. Maybe it's because I know that when winter hits, I'll need a banging collection of fall clothes to keep me from feeling gloomy.

That being said, let me introduce you to the all new Flavour girls section.

The Flavour Girls is up on the latest looks before the hit the mall masses; she stands out in the crowd because she's comfortable in her skin and walks tall in her unique style. She enjoys flipping through a Nylon magazing, cruising blogs and rummaging around Urban Outfitters, but really the quality, originality and attention to detail that is only available at #flvrgirl. She wants the most cutting edge trends before anyone else even knows what to do with them!

Flavour's girl's section has been evolving for fourteen years to remain your favourite place to shop in downtown Peterborough. We always bring you the hottest brands and a fun, comfortable place to explore your own, constantly evolving style. We've dedicated half of our store to the Flavour Girl, because she rocks our world! Our staff are honest and knowledgeable and can't wait to introduce you to some of our favourite new girl's brands, including:

Watch for exciting promotions exclusively for our #flvrgirl with free giveaways, special VIP nights and your favourite brands lining up to spoil you. Open seven days a week you can come out our new arrivals and awesome deals, and don't be afraid to show us how you're a #flvrgirl - follow us on Instagram & Twitter (@flavourfashion) and Facebook and we'll follow you back :)